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100+ NFT

Each token in this collection stands for one day of Ukraine’s war, telling about this day’s key events.

Each token is unique.

By buying a Kokosha NFT, you are not only making a good investment but also helping Ukrainian people.

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On February 24, 2022, Russians invaded Ukraine. They planned to capture my home city of Kyiv in three days and march triumphantly down its streets in no time after. But they never achieved that. Not in three days. Neither in 30. Nor even in 100.

The sort of life we’ve been living since then feels much like swinging on a pendulum between cringing at the invaders’ crimes and celebrating our victories, however small.

My NFT collection is telling about these experiences.

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Why would a cat start an NFT collection?

1. To tell the truth

There are many fake stories about our war being spread by media outside Ukraine.

While having no control over that, I can give you a Ukrainian’s perspective – and my true lived experiences.

Since NFTs are all the rage today, I hope my stories will get heard by more people when packed into these.

2. To help homeless pets

Many pets were orphaned by this war.

While I can’t judge their past owners (who probably had no other option but to abandon them), I desperately want every single one of them to find a new home and a loving family.

40% of the money I make from these NFTs will go to animal shelters in Ukraine.

3. To help the Ukrainian military

The sooner we win this war, the fewer victims it will make.

This is why I will donate 30% of the money I make from these NFTs to the Ukrainian military.

4. It’s cooler than stamps

You’ve probably heard of those Ukrainian stamps that made quite a splash; the stamps capturing the heroic spirit of the Ukrainian people.

I hope my NFTs might one day become just as much wanted, with people lining up to buy them.

P. S. As a cat, I certainly got my claws into a few of those stamps.

5. To profit from doing the right thing

After you buy my NFTs, you can make a profit by reselling them.

And the money you spend on them will make a difference for the homeless pets – and bring Ukraine’s victory closer.


Meet those behind this collection

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Face of the Brand & Chief Storyteller

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Cat-to-Human Interpreter

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Website Builder & Communications Manager


As you are reading this: certainly over 100. We are issuing a new NFT for each new day of the war in Ukraine, and we won’t stop until it is over. No one knows the day it will happen. If you buy our latest NFT right now, you might wake up tomorrow to learn it was last but one (and its price has soared dramatically)!
Some NFTs come at a fixed price of 0.24 ETH, while others are open to bidding.
You will need a MetaMask wallet with enough ETH in it. If you don’t yet have a MetaMask, you can get one for free in less than 3 minutes.
Sure! Tell your friends about our project and share our website link on social media. Thanks for spreading the word!
After every sold NFT, we will publish a report on how the money was spent. The reports will appear on this website and our social media pages.
We are 99% sure you will – and with a profit!
That’s not the way NFTs are supposed to work, but sometimes we still can make it work for you! To learn if you can buy your chosen NFT for fiat currency, reach out to us through any social media.
Yes, absolutely! We host regular airdrops on our social media. Follow us to make sure you don’t miss a chance to get a free Kokosha NFT!


Hi! I’m Kokosha. That’s the pet name my human gave me. For strangers, I go by Coco Chanel.

On February 24, I, like many others in Ukraine, was brutally woken by the scary explosions right outside my window. I’ve been staying in my home city of Kyiv since then, shuddering at the air raid alerts and the sounds of the nearby homes being shelled.

Each of my NFTs tells the story of what the respective day of our war was like. There are devastating stories about the massacres in Bucha, Kramatorsk and Mariupol, and inspiring ones of our Eurovision triumph and our battlefield victories (do you know what made the village of Chornobaivka into a huge source of memes?). I’m sure one day I will bring out an NFT about the victory of the Ukrainian people.

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