Hey! My name is Kokosha (it’s short for Coco Chanel), I’m an oriental cat and I live in Kyiv.

I was very scared when the war started in Ukraine. My people decided not to go anywhere, as they are true patriots and sincerely believe in our victory, so I have been in Kyiv all this time.

I created a whole collection of NFTs about what really happened here every day. 1 NFT = 1 day of war. Now there is so much conflicting information and propaganda from different sides that I am sure you will be interested to know the truth and the most striking events of this wild Russian invasion from someone who lives the war every day at the very epicenter. Even if it’s a cat

Every day, while the war continues, I will post 1 new NFT at exactly 10:00 Kyiv time. Part of the proceeds from sales, I will donate to help animals in Ukraine.